Services - Technology Research

Technical literature is used as a source in many key documents, such as BPEO & BAT assessments, technical due diligence assessments, legal studies and more. However, for a complete understanding of many literature sources, and the context in which it is relevant, the author assumes a strong background within the relevant industry through which the conclusions and implications are best understood.

WISenvironmental is well-placed to provide such an understanding to customers, undertaking desk studies to analyse and interpret literature to present it in a clearer manner, whether as a technology analysis, BPEO study, technical review, or in other formats.

Case Studies

Since 1993, WISenvironmental has produced many technical reports, for clients both within the UK and internationally. Details of a selection of these jobs are given below, for further experience, see our Job Profile or contact us.

Oil-Field Clean-up Technology Assessment

WISenvironmental participated in the United Nations Environment Programme's project, carried out at the request of the Nigerian government, to independently assess the environmental impact of oil-field contamination in the Ogoni Region of south-west Nigeria. The over-riding objective of WISenvironmental's task was to identify the range of possible full-scale remediation technologies available commercially for oil-contaminated soils and sediments and to present their indicative costs, resource requirements, operational footprint and possible output specifications. Site visits were carried out by the project team process engineers to three locations in Belgium at the invitation of private sector operators to witness and assess the suitability of full-scale soil washing, bioremediation and thermal desorption operations. The principal participated in a 2-day progress workshop convened in Geneva in October 2010.

Waste Treatment Technical Review

WISenvironmental prepared a technical review of small hazardous waste incinerators capable of treating waste produced by a water treatment plant in Azerbaijan. The output of the study was a short list of potential technologies, with performance indicators and cost analysis.

Iron Recovery Potential Assessment

This project was designed by WISenvironmental. to assist in identifying future sources of non-separate collection ferrous metal from MSW. The 3-step program of research started with a search of Environmental Agency Public Register information, followed by an assessment of Local Authority (LA) recycling data (in order to target only areas where recycling is poor and were a larger percentage of MSW consists of ferrous metal). The last step consisted of talking to the major waste management contractors in England and Wales and also of analysing the technical and financial merits of increased ferrous metal extraction from the MSW Stream in dirty MRFs and composting, MBT plants and transfer stations.

Clinical Waste BPEO Study

WISenvironmental was sub-contracted to provide specialist incineration knowledge on the treatment of clinical waste in Georgia. This involved the review of an existing BPEO, bringing detailed information of the incineration process to the report, following through to the generation of emissions data as an input into an Environmental Impact Assessment.