Services - Technical Capabilities

Over the years, WISenvironmental has faced projects with no readily applied solution, requiring the acquisition of specialist tools and monitors, or the development of in-house models using our extensive experience in the industry. Below are listed some of the tools and models WISenvironmental regularly uses during project work.

Specialist Equipment

Testo 350 XL Industrial Flue Gas Analyser

WISenvironmental uses the Testo 350XL to monitor exhaust flue gases over a wide range of applications, from industrial plants to smaller-scale biomass boilers. The unit can monitor the following parameters:
- Oxygen Concentration
- Carbon Monoxide Concentration
- Nitric Oxide Concentration
- Nitrogen Dioxide Concentration
- Sulphur Dioxide Concentration
- Differential Pressure
- Gas Velocity
- Gas Temperature

Our Testo 350 XL is calibrated annually by the manufacturer.
For further information, please see the Testo 350 Data Sheet.

Testo 445 VAC Measuring Instrument

The Testo 445 is used to monitor the following air and gas parameters:
- Gas Velocity
- Gas Relative Humidity
- Gas Differential Pressure
- Gas Temperature

Our Testo 445 is calibrated annually by the manufacturer.
For further information, please see the Testo 445 Data Sheet.

In-House Modelling Software and Resources

Over the years, WISenvironmental has developed a range of modelling software tools to run complex calculations that arise during routine project work, all of which can be tailored to individual requirements, or developed further when required. These models include:
- Gas standardisation calculations - Normalise gas concentrations for pressure, temperature, dryness and reference gas concentrations
- Steam condition calculations - Estimate enthalpies, densities, specific heat capacities and more for steam at a given temperature and pressure
- Acid gas treatment calculations - Calculate the efficiacy of different reagents used in dry gas scrubbers
- Combustion calculations - Calculate flame temperatures, auxillilary fuel requirements and combustion diagrams for generic waste types
- Calorific value calculations - Calculate the calorific value of an input feedstock to an incineration, both industrial and small-scale

WISenvironmental is a regular subscriber to several specialist publications, which are used to keep us informed, up to date, and provide a research base during project work:
- ENDS Report - Daily updates of changes to key environmental legislation
- Waste Management & Research - Monthly ISWA publication containing groundbreaking environmental and waste research articles
- The Chemical Engineer - Monthly IChemE publication, providing a global view of chemical and process engineering
- IChemE Knovel Library - Access to industry standard literature and textbooks for model generation