Services - Plant Project Management

As with Plant Commissioning, the offline maintenance and cleaning of a plant is an intricate process, with many sub-contractors on site conducting interlinked operations in several work areas. Shutdowns are often undertaken annually, with plants offline for short periods of time (often 2 weeks), meeting deadlines is critical, as any delay will have huge financial implications for the plant. Sub-contractors must be managed to ensure their work complies with site procedures, is completed to an acceptable standard, and is done so in conjunction with related contractors to minimise waiting time.

WISenvironmental has transposed the methods used in commissioning to the shutdown maintenance process, bringing Quality Assurance procedures and the experience of contractor management to the project management system.

Case Studies

Since 1993, WISenvironmental has project managed several plant operations, both within the UK and internationally. Details of a selection of these jobs are given below, for further experience, see our Job Profile or contact us.

Maintenance Shut-down Project Management

In 2011 WISenvironmental was contracted by a major international plant engineering and construction company to supervise the boiler cleaning and scaffolding aspects of the annual shutdown of one of three boilers at an EfW plant. A number of complementary methods were employed in order to complete the cleaning: high air flow vacuumation, manual cleaning, grit blasting and coarse cleaning with jack hammers and vibrating pokers. WISenvironmental's expertise ensured the projected was completed on time and under budget, resulting in WISenvironmental being requested by the client to return for the next 2 years of annual outages.

HMS Illustrious Implementations of Modifications

Following the technical study WISenvironmental undertook on HMS Illustrious, WISenvironmental aided with the implementation of the resulting recommendations, bringing the vessel's emissions under MARPOL legislation. This required retro-fitting and commissioning of modified equipment. See the case study