Services - Plant Commissioning

The commissioning of any new plant or unit is a highly complex operation, requiring the co-ordination of hundreds of contractors, site staff and inspectors to ensure the plant can start-up without a hitch. The role of the commissioning engineer is to ensure that contractors communicate with each other, with installations being completed holistically and not in isolation from connected areas. During commissioning, deadlines must be met, and without the oversight of an experienced commissioning engineer delayed work in one area can result in a chain delay of the entire process as sub-contractors are unable to completed interlinked work areas.

With over 15 years of commissioning experience, WISenvironmental has successfully commissioned an international range of plants, including Energy from Waste plants, recycling facilities, MBT plants in both new builds and for the retro-fitting of new units to existing plants. WISenvironmental has developed a robust Quality Assurance system to ensure all commissioning checks are completed and the plant can begin start-up without complications. Further details of the commissioning process are given in our capability statement.

Case Studies

Since 1993, WISenvironmental has worked on many commissioning projects, both within the UK and internationally. Details of a selection of these jobs are given below, for further experience, see our Job Profile or contact us.

Timber Gasification Plant Commissioning

WISenvironmental undertook a process commissioning review and has assisted with final hot commissioning tests of this innovative timber resource recovery centre. WISenvironmental was primarily involved with the commissioning methodology and infrastructure.

Flue Gas Treatment Commissioning

WISenvironmental oversaw the commissioning of the FGT section of an EfW in Uppsala, Sweden. A seven-month presence was required to complete the commissioning, co-ordinate subcontractors, oversee performance testing and conduct operator training. WISenvironmental also observed the performance runs, optimisation set up, trouble shooting and ultimately the hand-over of the equipment. Drawing on our history of experience, WISenvironmental completed the commissioning 1 month before scheduled.

MBT Plant Commissioning

WISenvironmental assisted on the commissioning of a recycling site in London, and was responsible for overseeing the installation by contractors of units in accordance with their contractual obligations and the relevant standards and UK codes of practice. In addition WISenvironmental created a purpose designed Quality Assurance system allowing the client to monitor progress and quality of work carried out by the contractors.