Services - Performance Monitoring

With the growing focus on energy efficiency, plant performance monitoring is becoming an imperative. Operators need to be aware of several performance parameters, including incineration, heat transfer and flue gas treatment efficiencies to ensure the plant meets both legislative emissions requirements and financial targets.

WISenvironmental has experience in one-off performance spot checks, performance drop-off investigation and remediation and continuous performance monitoring, bringing its 20 years of experience to the analysis and interpretation of data.

Case Studies

Since 1993, WISenvironmental has monitored performance at many plants, both within the UK and internationally. Details of a selection of these jobs are given below, for further experience, see our Job Profile or contact us.

KRR ProStream Performance Tracker

In conjunction with KRR ProStream, WISenvironmental has produced the Performance Tracker package, used to produce a monthly performance report on the boiler parameters of an energy from waste plant. This included parameters such as boiler pressure drop, heat exchange coefficients, etc., all of which were used to estimate fouling rates and assist with the planning of cleaning efforts in the boiler.

Turbine Performance Evaluation

WISenvironmental investigated the poor vacuum conditions occurring within the condenser of an EfW boiler, which was causing a drop-off in overall plant efficiency. With the problem identified, WISenvironmental performed remedial action to rectify the issue resulting in increased operational efficiency and stability.

EfW Plant Heat Balance

WISenvironmental was commissioned by a major UK EfW operator to design and implement a methodology to complete a heat balance verification and design a calorific value calculator for their boiler. The study is pre-requisite for an automatic combustion control system optimisation. The system can produce a continuous real time assessment of the calorific value of the MSW treated.

PCDD/PCDF Abatement Optimisation

WISenvironmental completed a research project into the abatement optimisation of PCDD/F releases to air from an operating EfW plant. The project allowed the client to introduce measures which kept emissions reliably below the legally required threshold. This was a detailed problem analysis project based on a tested methodology and the wide-ranging experience of WISenvironmental on the subject of PCDD/F abatement.