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Alongside the established range of services provided by WISenvironmental, over the years we have performed a large number of one-off projects, tailoring our capabilities and experience to meet the needs of our clients. These projects have included expert advice to the legal sector as expert witnesses, the management of the procurement process on behalf of clients, as well as specialised design and legal documentation support.

Case Studies

Below are listed some of the unique services we have provided, with further examples available in the Job Profile - for more information or to discuss an enquiry, contact us.

OJEU Procurement Management

An EfW plant operator commissioned WISenvironmental to manage the procurement process for its thermal insulation and refractory repairs & maintenance following European Regulations. This was a delicate project that required a transparent process whilst maintaining a fair opportunity to all potential providers. Extensive market research, followed by appropriate advertising resulted in a substantial number of expressions of interest and a significant number of tenders were submitted. WISenvironmental managed the project from inception through to completion when two contracts were awarded, ensuring the client obtained the most cost-effective and technically-sound solution.

Expert Witness

WISenvironmental was engaged as an expert witness by a Dublin law firm in support of a civil action taken by the law firm's Dutch client who sued for damages resulting from the alleged misclassification and mismanagement of hazardous waste exported from a pharmaceuticals manufacturing facility in Ireland to a treatment facility in Belgium under Transfrontier Shipment regulations. Process residues from the treatment facility were supplied to the animal feed chain. The matter came to light when Dutch pig farmers complained to their regulators of health problems in their animals and the identification of contaminants allegedly from the treatment facility in pig feed in mid-2002. The action was taken against the waste producer and their waste brokers at the time of the incident.

Design of a Negative Pressure System

WISenvironmental has produced the necessary technical documentation for submission to the EA for a negative air composting aeration system. The forced mechanical aeration system has been successfully tested by the composting company carrying out the modifications. The system was designed for an existing (non-aerated operation) composting facility in order to tackle odour nuisance as well as increase the aeration rate. The project has allowed the client to comply with EA requirements and to improve the overall composting rate.