Services - Environmental Management Systems

In recent years, there has been a growing trend for a business’ customers and other interested parties to require a greater level of environmental responsibility from their suppliers. Implementing the ISO14001 environmental management system standard makes a clear statement about a business’ environmental commitment and performance. The ISO14001 standard can used to demonstrate the most stringent level of environmental commitment. However, the environmental management within a business can be implemented in less stringent ways using alternative schemes; depending on the level of complexity desired by the client, Green Achiever is one such scheme.

WISenvironmental has designed and implemented environmental management systems to the ISO14001 standard as well as other schemes, such as Green Achiever, tailoring the product to individual client’s needs. For further information on environmental management system implementation please contact us.

Case Studies

Since 1993, WISenvironmental has designed, implemented and supported many environmental management systems (EMS) in the UK. Details of a selection of these jobs are given below, for further experience, see our Job Profile or contact us.

Design and Implementation of EMS

WISenvironmental designed and implemented an environmental management system for a large pharmaceutical company that achieved ISO 14001 certification at the end of 2011. The initial environmental review and register of environmental aspects were both completed in late 2009.

EMS Support System

WISenvironmental provided support in the development of the destination award programme, following the completion of Green Globe's consultant course. This was carried out in two phases, focusing on two tourist sites within the Middle East - the New Baptism Site in Bethany, Jordan and the Old Town of Bethlehem in Palestine. The first phase involved meeting with key stakeholders of both sites to discuss the development and management of each site and the key issues that influence site sustainability, which formed the basis of the report used in the implementation of the EMS.

ISO 14001 Audits

WISenvironmental employs a registered auditor for ISO 14001, and undertakes audits under DNV. Over 30 sites have been audited, including EfW plants, waste management companies, pharmaceutical companies, and a WISenvironmental Principal is a registered EMS auditor with the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA).