Services - Environmental Due Diligence

As part of any commercial acquisition of land, environmental due diligence audits are a key requirement, reassuring the buyer that the land has no residual soil or groundwater contamination and is fit for purpose. This is done through 3 phases of an Environmental Site Assessment - Phase I Assessments include a desk study, reviewing the site and immediate local environment history and a site visit to provide reference for the desk study, producing a report detailing the potential risks and liabilities of the site. This is then progressed to a Phase II Assessment, which involves detailed field investigations to determine the remediation and/or abatement costs of the issues identified in Phase I. The final Phase III Assessment is the application of the remediation techniques identified in Phases I & II to render the land environmentally stable.

At WISenvironmental we have the capability to perform both Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments, ensuring the buyers of land are aware of all potential environmental issues and estimating the cost of remediation for use in sale price negotiation.

Case Studies

Since 1993, WISenvironmental has worked on many Environmental Due Diligence projects, both within the UK and internationally. Details of a selection of these jobs are given below, for further experience, see our Job Profile or contact us.

Environmental Site Assessment Capacity Building Programme

WISenvironmental prepared and delivered 4 capacity-building workshops in Amman, Jordan and Geneva for UNEP to introduce the theory and practice of Environmental Site Assessment to Iraqi environmental professionals delegated by the Iraqi Ministry of Environment. Workshop 1 included a one-day 'hands-on' initial environmental assessment of a quarry and cement manufacturing plant near Amman. Workshop 2 included training in the use of field monitoring and testing equipment for use by the delegates at 5 selected pilot conflict-damaged contaminated sites in Iraq. Sampling and analysis plans for the pilot sites were jointly prepared early in 2005 and a 4th workshop on risk assessment took place in mid-2005. Preliminary clean-up took place subsequently at 2 of the sites: former small arms manufacturing factory and a Ministry of Agriculture pesticide distribution warehouse.

Phase I and II ESA

WISenvironmental planned, implemented and reported on a Phase I pre-acquisition Environmental Site Assessment and HSE regulatory compliance review with limited soil and shallow groundwater sampling using drive-in piezometers at a Dutch manufacturing facility. WISenvironmental selected, instructed and liaised with the analytical laboratory. Interpret the results, conduct a Tier 1 risk assessment and provide recommendations for further actions. The facility manufactures industrial process equipment to remove odour from food processing plant air emissions.

Phase I ESA

WISenvironmental Environmental Management & Compliance Division was commissioned by a firm of architects in West London to carry out a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (Phase 1 Audit) to support the application for planning permission to the local planning authority to change the use of the premises from offices to residential.

Review of HTTU and DTU

A major oil producer, which operates oil and gas exploration and production activities in Angola, generated a range of non-hazardous and hazardous wastes that needed to be managed in accordance with Angolan and international law and best practice. The company used a third party to dispose of the majority of its waste, and its duty of care triggered the review. Due to the technical specialism required to fully understand incineration technology and current best practice landfill management, the company commissioned a team of waste treatment experts including WISenvironmental to provide technical assistance.