Services - Clinical Waste Auditing

With the introduction of EPR 5.07 by the Environment Agency, clinical waste producers must submit a clinical waste pre-acceptance audit to the appropriate waste disposal site before their waste can be accepted for treatment. The pre-acceptance audit provides a guarantee that clinical waste has been segregated at source, preventing cross-contamination of the various hazardous wastes generated. The audit involves a walk-around inspection, a document review of the procedures in place and staff interviews to ensure training systems are effective and being followed on a day-to-day basis.

WISenvironmental has applied its experience of technical and environmental audits, producing a robust template that can be adapted to any waste producer site, from large hospitals to smaller scale pharmacies and beyond.

Case Studies

In recent years, WISenvironmental has performed several Clinical Waste Audits, and setails of a selection of these jobs are given below, for further experience, see our Job Profile or contact us.

Clinical Waste Pre-Acceptance Audit Review

On behalf of a UK clinical waste incinerator, WISenvironmental reviewed both the pre-acceptance audits submitted by producers and the internal audit review procedure to check compliance with Environmental Agency guideline EPR 5.07.

Clinical Waste Operational Audit

The WISenvironmental team was commissioned by a major EfW Operator to carry out an audit of the clinical waste incineration operations. The site operations audited were the 'receipt and storage of clinical and specified hazardous wastes, through pre-treatment and incineration to despatch of residual waste'. WISenvironmental audited and reported on the following activities: measures undertaken pre-acceptance and upon delivery of the waste to the site; measures for waste storage and handling; measures for the control of emissions to air, surface water and sewer. See the case study